Mobile Entertainment
Frequently Asked Questions...&...Our Answers!

Do you dress professionally for your show?

Yes, tuxedos

Are you the D.J. or will it be someone else?

We only have one system (with backup) and one DJ and an assistant.

How long have you been in the business? 

We have been in this business for over 30 years.

Do you have references? 

Yes, we have a list of references, but we have online reviews through Wedding Wire as well!

Do you need a table?

No...we have a large professional system that doesn't require a table set-up, but we do need a 15' wide spot.

Do you have a format for the evening? 

Yes, we will provide you with a copy of it and it can be altered to meet your needs.

Can we custom tailor the music to our guests? 

Yes, however please consider all of your guests...

Is dinner music provided ?

Yes, dinner music is provided along with all announcements at no additional cost.

Can we get extended dance time?

We offer extended play times at an additional fee. 

How far will you travel?

We've been to Detroit, Indianapolis, Dayton, Cleveland...

Is there an additional charge for travel?

Depending on the distance, usually around $100 to help cover a hotel stay.

Do you play requests?

Yes, however music is played in formatted sets, so it might not be played 
as soon as it is requested.

Do you interact with the people?

Yes, that is why we consider ourselves entertainers...we encourage crowd participation.

Have you ever missed a show?

Never...and we have never been late in over 30 years!